Types of tattoos


Scary tattoos

The scary tattoos are usually drawn on the faces and the hands of people. That is because these body parts are always visible.

The first scary tattoos date back in the remote past. The tattoos of the inhabitants of the Polynesian islands were remarkable. With the scary masks that they had on their faces, Polynesians managed to horrify their enemies for a long time.

Nowadays scary tattoos could be seen everywhere. People tattoo their bodies with images of aggressive animals, skulls and other terrifying things in order to show their personality, their way of thinking and sometimes even their sick brains.

Ritual tattoos – Curative

A long time ago, back in the ancient times, there were tribes that used the tattoo for curative purposes. The first tribe that found out about the healing effect of the tattoo lived on the north side of Tibet. The tribe’s name was Shané. The people there started to add herbs to the paint for the tattoos. That is how they managed to make the tattoo a remedy.

Richard Tillery was the one who brought the Tibet tattoos to New York. Some doctors decided to find out how the healing paint is made, so they went to Tibet to speak with Dalai Lama. After he told them what they needed to know, they started using the special paint for tattooing, but that all ended as soon as they died.

And here is an example for a healing tattoo. Some people thought that when they make a tattoo with the face of god on an injured place of their body, the tattoo will heal the injury.

In the Aynov’s tribe the woman was considered as a tribe’s god. That is why all the women in the tribe had tattoos on their backs. These tattoos were a sign of fighting with the evil. Even the little girls were tattooed – for protection from all disasters. In the Mayori’s tribe all the women were tattooed as children. They had tattoos not only on their back, but also on their chin and lips.

Another image which was tattooed on people’s injuries was the image of the monkey god – Hanumana. People believed that by tattooing his face on their fractures, they will deal with the pain more quickly and easily.


Magical properties of the tattoos

The magical properties were imparted to the tattoos soon after their coming. The meaning of the tattoo is considered to be its magical property. People give a particular meaning to their tattoos, because they believe it might protect them from disasters and unhappiness.

A popular belief in the past was the existence of special tattoos. It is believed that these tattoos protected the children, saved the old men from sicknesses and saved the soldiers from dying in battles. As a rule, the special tattoos were meant to protect their owners from injuries, unhappiness and bigger problems.

In the English navy in XVIII-XIX century, sailors tattooed their bodies with the image of the crucifix. They believed that such tattoo will protect them from physical punishments.

In Japan people believed that a tattoo of a dragon in water on their back will protect them from fire.

In Burma people tattooed a parrot on their shoulders and in Thailand – Buddha in meditation.

The Arabs tattooed their bodies with quotes from the Koran. In that way they search for the Allah’s protection.

Clan tattoos


In ancient times many families and clans tattooed their bodies with a particular mark or drawing. That was some sort of a tradition and every new member of the family had to be tattooed with the same mark. That tradition still exists in some families.

The clan tattoos once had a serious practical application. The people with same tattoos helped each other. It was their obligation to do that even if they did not know each other. They felt connected. It is believed that the clan tattoos bond their owners even in the after life.

It is the same with the marriage and the families. People who have the same mark on their bodies are suggested to be connected with each other for eternity.

In Japan, the Japanese mafia has followed this tradition for a long, long time. That is why the Japanese gangsters honor the clan tattoo very much.

It is also believed that if a clan tattoo is not made properly, it might cause death to its owner.

If a person learns how to read the clan tattoos, he might get a lot of information for the owner of such a tattoo: like his clan, profession or even his social status.







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