Tips for tattooing

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The tattoos are in vogue today, but before anyone could recourse to them, he must know how, when and where to put them on his body, but also if they are dangerous.

1. The first factor is the risk
When you insert anything under the skin, you risk contamination with hepatitis, staphylococcus and other infections. Therefore it is very important to choose a certified master in tattoos who sterilizes all his tools, uses disposable needles and keeps his salon clean. Furthermore, because of the risk of infection, doctors advise not to give blood for a year after placing of the tattoo. The first week after the procedure is particularly important and then you should keep track how your body reacts. There is also a great chance of allergy because of the ink used. Moreover an allergic reaction may occur years after the tattoo. Keep in mind that your body might reject the used ink.

2. The safety
Select a known and recommended salon, but also a master not only with a diploma and experience, but also with equipment for sterilization of instruments. The tattooist must necessarily work with gloves. Feel free to ask about all this, ultimately it comes to your health!

3. The removal of the tattoo
Thousands of people put tattoos because of a momentary mood, but then regret it and want to remove them. But this is a painful process because is removed a whole layer of skin. Besides that is also an expensive process. In the USA, the laser removal of tattoos is done within 10 sessions and costs 250 to 850 dollars.

4. The pain
It is found not only in the removal, but when the tattoo is done. You should know that it is directly dependent on the skin – the fewer skin and subcutaneous fat separate the needle from your bones and nerves, the more painful will be the procedure. Therefore, the degree of pain depends on the location chosen for the tattoo.

5. The price
It should be said that the tattoo is not something you can save money on. So do not spare the money, it’s about your health. And do not go to cheap masters and do not squeeze your fingers for the qualitative and safe procedure. And do not forget that the tip may be greater, in Western Europe and the USA it is 20% of the price as in manicurists or hairdressers.

6. The annual time
Many experts believe that tattooing should be done in that period of the year when your skin is protected from external stimulus and can more safely heal. In short, summer is not the time for this work – less clothes, sunshine, wind, bathing, dust, sand irritate the skin and interfere with the more rapid healing.

7. The health condition
Obligatory make the tattoo when you are absolutely healthy. The white blood corpuscles help the skin to heal, but if at this point they have to fight with viruses or bacteria, it is not the right time. If you are ill, even sickly, delay the procedure for later.

8. The tan
To sunbathe with a tattoo is a very bad idea. Furthermore, the UV rays bleach the ink inserted under your skin, and the picture will fade. If you do not want to avoid the beach, be sure to put sunscreen with the highest factor of defense.

9. The shaving
It is clear that before the tattoo you must shave the place. But you should not do the same immediately after the tattoo – the place should nicely heal. Only the tattooist can tell you when to start shaving and depilate the place.


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