Temporary tattoos


In ancient India the bodies of the girls were drawn with henna. Before the wedding the bride was covered with fine and delicate drawings in order to look more attractive for the bridegroom. The purpose of all this was not only for the girl to look beautiful, but also because of the electrifying effect of the henna’s smell.

Nowadays the drawings made with henna are a good alternative of the tattoos. They decorate the body just like the other tattoos, but are temporary and can last only a few weeks.

There is more, the henna drawings are much more harmless than the tattoos. The skin stays unharmed without any risk for the health. Henna is with a much softer color than the colors, used for tattoos. In the past the drawings with henna were more of a decoration for women, as they are now.

You could draw any kind of ornaments on your body by using henna. You can just pick your favorite element and draw it in on your skin. Usually the henna drawings are flowers, Celtic motives, tiny and simple images or ritual figures. Appropriate places for the drawings are the shoulders, hands, back and ankles.

There are a few options to draw a temporary tattoo on your skin. By using a template or a pattern you could carry it in on your skin with a parchment and then connect the lines with henna. Some people manage to make the tattoo without a template, but if you are doing this for the first time it is better to use one.

You could buy henna paste for tattoos in a tube (it contains henna dust and lemon acid), or you could make a henna paste by yourself at home. In order to do that, you need these ingredients: coffee, black tea, green henna dust (not the one used for hair coloring) and a bit lemon juice.

And here is the making procedure: boil half a litter of water; add two teaspoons of coffee and black tea. Boil the mixture for about an hour. Meanwhile boil the henna dust (30-40g per 500 ml water). Mix the henna with the boiled liquid after an hour and stir it very slowly and carefully. Do that until the mixture is homogeneous. If you would like to make the henna paste darker, add two or three soup spoons of lemon juice. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for three hours.

While the henna is cooling, you could prepare some other necessary instruments. Get a template and a water-soluble felt-tip pen. Carry in the drawing on the parchment and spray some deodorant. Put the parchment on the skin and hold tight for a moment. You are ready to go! Now take the cooled henna paste and start drawing. You could use a brush or some cotton on a stick. It would be easier for you if you place the template on your skin and just fill in the empty places with henna.

It is important to know that after you are done drawing, you should wait about 2-8 hours for the henna to dry out. Then you could use a piece of fabric or the butt-end of a knife to rub it off. It is necessary to avoid contact with water for a day or two until the image gets darker.

If you would like your temporary tattoo to last longer, you should take good care of it. For example you could moisten it with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar in a correlation 2:1. After the henna is already dry and rubbed off, put some olive oil on your skin. Avoid extensive sweating and continuous contact with water.




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