Tattoos for women – small and delicate

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Tattoos for women – small and delicate ideas for a first tattoo.


Very often you can hear someone painted with many tattoos warn you that if you have decided to get a first ink jewel, you will most likely not stop with just one. What you should know is that the majority of tattoo artists will probably recommend that it should be small and fine. Looked at from an aesthetic point of view, we women have more gentle and fragile bodies and therefore something big and colorful may not be the right choice for a tattoo. Accept your first tattoo as the first bite of a new spicy dish – small and at a slower pace consumed. The difference is that the too hot foods can be pinned with water, but one not well thought out tattoo can not be washed away from your skin. So do not take hasty decisions and do not rush into large designs for the back or ribs, first start with a small and delicate tattoo.


The diamond is one of the most preferred, both from the women and the men. These are some of those tattoos, which can have profound symbolism, but can also be worn as an adornment. In most cases, when we think about diamonds we imagine riches and especially fashion. The popular phrase “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” from the musical “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” makes this precious stone a symbol of the feminine and beauty. If you are wondering what to tattoo to signify eternity, beauty and femininity, then it is certainly the diamond.


The bird is the absolute symbol of freedom, infinite love and devotion to a particular person. Loyalty and self-sacrifice are some other emotions that are associated with the tattoo of a sparrow. Most tattoos of birds mean that the person who carries them values his freedom above everything else. The sparrow on the hand is a symbol of life without rules, and shows that the one who tattooed it is the master of his own destiny.


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