Skeletons and bones

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Jeffrey Gorrer, one of the most famous English sociologists, affirms that people who lived in the past centuries were so scared of death that they did not dare to talk about it. They even avoided making some things that brought them pleasure. The list of forbidden actions was headed from sex, of course. Later, in XX century, the problem with sex disappeared, people started to care less and demonstrate it, but death was still a taboo.

Until recently, the drawings, which represented death, were considered unpleasant and shocking. The most popular paintings of this kind usually had a title which said “Memento mori” (that is written in Latin and means “Remember that you will die”). People from the past were so cold and heartless

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that they died from their fear of death. In order to conciliate it, they made millions of sacrifices and built tons of sculptures and buildings (like the Egyptian Pyramids). Often the drawings of the death are depicted by a young woman who is having sex with the Death and is being taken to the hereafter then. The Death is drawn as a skull with a long hair and with a smile on his face and he is always enjoying himself.

Peculiarly popular were the so called “Dances of Death” paintings. They first came into being in XIV century during the time of the plague epidemics in Europe. On these paintings, the Death is dancing with young people. The most interesting thing about them is that only the Death is enjoying himself, the other people from the painting look really sad and concerned.


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