Modern tattoos

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The tattoo – some love it, others deny it…

There is no way, however, a person to disagree that the tattoo imparts individuality and “beautifies” every single body.

Many people put symbolic sense, but some people get tattoos simply for beauty. The tattoo very well characterizes its owner, so in the choice, its meaning plays an important role.

The tattoo can express anger and aggression, for example a knife or a sword, or a peaceful mood such as the dolphin tattoo or a crane.

We will present the fashion trends in the tattoos.


These tattoos are made on any part of the body including the forearms, shoulders, chest, legs, back and lower back. The tattoos of angels are often symbolic to the men. Usually these tattoos are chosen by people who believe in God.

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Butterflies are a symbol of inner freedom. As the butterfly, and the woman is experiencing major transformation during her development.

This tattoo has the meaning of a talisman.


One of the most popular tattoo motives remain the flowers. Women choose flowers for tattoos because in this way they indulge their imagination, but also because of the aesthetic effect.

Flowers are romantic, sweet and classic…






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It symbolizes freedom, nobility, love and pleasure. Usually they warn sailors for impending danger. Therefore, a tattoo with a dolphin protects from evil.

In the Christian symbolism the dolphin is associated with the image of Jesus Christ as creator and savior of the human world.



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