Meaning of the tattoos: Butterfly

Image: © Dan Race / Fotolia

The life cycle of the butterfly (caterpillar – cocoon – butterfly) has attracted the attention of people since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, the butterfly has been associated with the immortality, in a similar way it is perceived in Zaire, Mexico, New Zealand, China. The caterpillar is an analogue of the earthly life, the cocoon of death and the butterfly is carefree and beautiful.


But the truth is that in the different nations the butterfly can be deciphered in different ways. Most often it is regarded as a symbol of the soul and its ability to transform. The ancient Romans even considered it for a harbinger of war. In China it is a symbol of immortality. In Japan it symbolizes the young woman, two butterflies fluttering side by side may be interpreted as the spirit of family happiness. In ancient Mexico, it had symbolized the oscillation of the fire, the spirit of the stars and the souls of women who have died in childbirth. The Aztecs believed that the souls of the warriors who died in battle turn into butterflies. The ancient Greeks have seen the soul in the form of a girl with butterfly wings. In the Christian religion the butterfly is a symbol of the resurrection and rebirth of the soul. In the Slavic culture, it is also associated with the soul, but is considered a harbinger of death.


In today’s world the butterfly often symbolizes levity, negligence, and the fragility of existence. In Japan, it is a symbol of joy (close to ecstasy).


If you want your butterfly tattoo to acquire specific meaning, it is necessary to stylize it. Through stylization each image can acquire the meaning with which you load it and barriers to the imagination do not exist.

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