Intimate tattoos


The intimate tattoo is a delicate subject to which each person approaches depending on his permissiveness, way of thinking and way of living. For intimate tattoos are considered those which are made on places like the pubic hair, thighs, breasts and stomach, the lower part of the back.

The motives for making such a tattoo are different – willing to change your appearance or willing to surprise someone for example.

There are people who do not bother demonstrating their intimate tattoos in saunas or on the beach. But the intimate tattoos are a personal space which should be shown only to certain people, not to everyone.

If you decide to tattoo an intimate place of your body for someone you love, there’s always a risk that he reacts not in the way you expect him to.

Men love tattoos that are made on the lower part of the back or the stomach, which reach some other interesting body parts. But, despite that, women should think very carefully before making an intimate tattoo. In time, when the years pass, it might get ugly, lose its shape when you gain some weight and after all that, it might make you regret it. The thighs and the breasts are places that will inevitably change with the age.


Women perceive the intimate tattoos of men in a different way. Sometimes, women make men get such tattoos and even choose the image for the tattoo. But there are also women who dislike these tattoos.

According to statistics, women make intimate tattoos on their body more often than men. These tattoos make women more confident and give their bodies a kind of mystery by making them more interesting. Another thing is that tattoos could hide birth marks and scars. Choosing an image for an intimate tattoo is limitless. More common images are of lizards, dragons, flowers, decorations and different symbols.

Usually, the intimate tattoos look provocative and mysterious. That is because they respire erotic mood. After all this is their main purpose. It should be something special with a particular meaning that only your love knows.




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