How to wear temporary tattoos this summer?

Image: © Algol / Fotolia

Tips for the beautiful trend

At the end of last year was hinted the tendency which will rule the beach stylistics this year.


The temporary tattoos – jewelry is characterized by brilliant vision and appear exactly this perfect finish that we are lacking to the swimsuit.

Since all topical tendencies start from the biggest names in the fashion, Dior set a high batten with their proposals in genuine 24 carat gold.

Of course, already on the market are almost the same models that give the desired effect.

Due to the rapid development of this stylistics and the proliferation of the tattoos – jewelry as accessories, we present the way in which to wear them this year.


1. Wear them like a star


Under “star” we mean the celebrities who have already been spotted with the current trend. The angel of Victoria’s Secret, Alessandra Ambrosio puts the temporary tattoos on her shoulders, and Beyonce wears them literally anywhere on her body.


2. Combine with colors


The summer is the time to experiment with colors. Whole year you did not find on what to put the bright green nail polish? Now is the time! Be bold with the manicure and pedicure, and the golden glare of the temporary tattoos will only complement your beach look.


3. Bohemian inspiration


All fans of the Bohemian trends in the summer receive a wide scope for expression, especially regarding the way they wear their jewelry. The combination between a beautiful bracelet and a temporary tattoo-bracelet is exactly what you need this summer.


4. Wear them at the beach


The best place to debut with your new accessories remains the beach. The golden reflections stand out even more on the chocolate skin with suntan, and after the end of the season, you are left with a slight memory of the long summer nights, which to warm you up every time you look at it.


5. Exotics in the stylistics

Besides the various colors that you can combine, you can unwind and experiment with the different models of the tattoos. The cosmetics industry already offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which you can enjoy.



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