How to make a henna tattoo

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You want to surprise the others with something different and original? Something new, conceptual and stylish that would distinguish you from the rest and highlight your personality? Then make a temporary henna tattoo. Some artists make such tattoos directly on the beach or in the resorts. But you can always try to make a similar drawing on your body and alone. For example, a homemade recipe for a mixture of henna tattoo.

The most progressive and fearless experimenters can use the following recipe for henna: Necessary ingredients – 500 ml. water, 2 tablespoons coffee 2 tablespoons black tea, green 30-40 grams pure green henna (no for hair dyeing!), 2 teaspoons lime or lemon, 1 teaspoon calico, 1 teaspoon sugar and 1 drop of aromatic oil of your choice.


1. Boil the water and pour into it the coffee and tea. Boil for one hour. Sift the henna in a fine sieve. Pour the broth into it gradually, stirring constantly. Add lime, calico and sugar. You will obtain a thick substance, which must be cooled for 3 hours. Optionally, add in the mixture one drop of your favorite essential oil.

2. Before applying the henna to the skin, wash the area selected and clean it with an alcohol disinfectant.

3. Mark the outline of the tattoo. For this purpose you can use a decal, soft eye pencil, special pencil for tattoos or an excised template that you will just have to attach to the skin and paint on top with the mixture.

4. A decal you can make yourself. Take some transparent film and redraw on it with a felt pen the desired picture. Then quickly print the resulting picture on your skin before the color has dried.

5. You can use various adjuvants to apply the henna to the skin – a stick, brush, toothpick or syringe. The latter you can make yourself from a tough plastic bag. Fill the bag with the mixture, fold the top edge and secure it with an office pinch. At the bottom of the bag make a small hole with a needle.

6. If you’ve never painted with henna, make the first few attempts on white paper. When you gain confidence in your movements, apply the henna on the skin with solid lines.

7. Leave the painting to dry for about 1-1.5 hours. Then scrape off the remnants of dried henna.

The same day protect the painted section of water. The next few days is good to anoint with vegetable oil the drawing and to limit maximum its contacts with water and detergents.


In case you do not like the tattoo, you can remove the drawing with a cotton swab with 3% Oxygen water.


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