How to choose a tattoo without regretting it later

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The tattoos last a lifetime. So if you decide to do such, you should seriously consider what exactly it will be and who will make it. First you should make sure that the tattoo artist who will work on your skin will wear disposable rubber gloves, will use a disposable needle and will surely disinfect his machine before he begins. So he will protect you and himself from infestation with HIV, hepatitis and other unpleasant diseases. A true professional never ignores these hygiene measures. It is far from advisable teenagers to get tattoos. They most often take this decision by simply “wrong instinct” and except that they do not have enough money to pay to a real professional, and usually after years regret this decision. And another argument “against” – you do not know where and how the body will grow in the future and how it will stretch from the tattoo. If you do decide to be marked for life under the age of 18 years, you’d better choose an abstract and asymmetrical image.


Even if you are over 18 years, your body has areas where the chance the tattoo to deform is greater. It is not advisable a woman to get a tattoo on the abdomen, even if she does not like children, suffers from infertility or has given a vow of sexual abstinence. The fats most often attack precisely the abdomen. Believe us, a little dragon will look just as good (or even better) on the back or on your shoulder, where it will retain its appearance for longer. Keep in mind that tattoos are inappropriate for display always and everywhere. So make the tattoo in a place that can be easily hidden under clothing even in the summer heat. You may need to get acquainted with the conservative parents of your friend or to take an extremely important for your career interview. So if your idea of a tattoo can be hidden only under a turtleneck – consider another option. Do not assume that for your tattoo you will pay only once. Even the best tattoos sometimes require adjustments. The corrections of course cost a lot cheaper than the tattoo itself, but means must be provided and for them.


The nice tattoo just can not be cheap. This is an iron rule. So under no circumstances go to the neighborhood amateur tattoo artist who against a carton of cigarettes will paint on your skin the image you want… well, maybe not the one you want, but similar? It is quite likely that the person in question to have almost no experience, to have artistic talents at a moderate level and to use ink that is not specifically intended for that purpose. These colors often spread and leak on the skin or fade in places. Usually people who are left in the hands of an amateur, years later turn to professionals for correction or change of the tattoo – and this is more expensive than a new tattoo. Even in the professional studios, do not save money for qualitative ink. If you are offered several different types, boldly choose the most expensive. Even if the tattoo artist tells you that the inks “are generally about the same.” The more good the ink, the less you will have to make adjustments to the tattoo and the less money you will give for it. Remember, the ink used is of greater importance for the quality of the tattoo than the used machine. Tattoos can be colored or black and white. The latter often include shades such as gray. But the colored tattoos always cost more and are less resistant. You will encounter and suggestions for temporary tattoos. With them the paint is not injected into the deeper layers of the skin, but in the upper, which is renewed periodically. This layer of skin for about half a year changes completely, leaving the tattooed before area completely clean and spotless. Often, however, this leads to undesirable result – half a year and the image disfigures gradually and turns into a dirty spot on which you will simply need to make a permanent tattoo. If your idea is to go to a tattoo studio with a cue like “I want a tattoo but do not know how big, where and what color”, you better stay home. Give yourself time to think, to decide exactly what you want. In order not to regret later for a tattoo, you should at least know the basic parameters of the desired image – idea, color, size, location on the body.


Let us assume that you are aware of everything that we said so far. And you know where is the best tattoo salon, you are sure there works a professional and you have collected the required amount. However, do not rush. Buy a tattoo-decal that resembles maximum the selected image and print it on the corresponding place on your skin. Walk with it until it falls off alone. Watch your own feelings about it and the reactions of others. If after this experiment you are satisfied with the result, probably you will really not regret your decision. It is not advisable to get tattoos in the summer in the biggest heat and when you intend to go to the sea. Of course the summer is the season in which it is most logical a person to think about a tattoo. The freshly made ​​tattoo, however, must be protected from external factors (pollution, water, sun, sweat) at least one week in order to keep its good form. Contamination of the tattooed area can lead to infections, water and sweat can make the ink fade and the sunlight can lead to burning… So that either predict seven days of quietly staying at home for the “recovery” or make a tattoo in another season. Good luck!




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