Color solutions by the permanent makeup

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The colors, tones and halftones are unutterably many. There is a palette of pigments for each part of your face – eyebrows, eyes, mouth… If you would like to hide a defect somewhere on your body, it is advisable for you to choose body colors. It depends on the place that you have chosen. For example, your lips have many blood vessels and at the time when the paint goes under your skin, your mouth could turn violet. When choosing the appropriate color for your permanent makeup, you should consult a specialist, because every skin has its features and it will be really hard for you to make the right choice.

During the process of tattooing, colors lower their intensity by 30-40 percent. In the pigments are added spectral stabilizers. Then the skin is encircled by a pencil to the planned lines. There is a possibility that the color intensity is not as saturated as you imagined it. So you should consult a cosmetician before the procedure.

The professional knows more about the effect of tattooing and he could advice you in the right direction. Colors could be mixed, but what is important to know is that they always become lighter at the end. Red, yellow and blue are the basic colors for every tone. The tones are being mixed with each other in order to get a particular color. For example yellow plus red equals orange, green plus blue equals yellow, red plus blue equals purple. All these colors are called secondary.

The mixture between primary and secondary colors gives us a third set of colors. These are absolutely unutterable colors like yellow-orange, turquoise, aquamarine and many others. It is not necessary that the colors are in harmony with each other. They could be combined in every way. For example, red – yellow, green – purple, blue – orange and many others. The extent of the saturation depends on the color of the original paint. The color intensity could be changed by adding a bit of black or white paint to it. The white color gives a cooler tone to the paint, while the black gives it brightness.

In the professional salons are always used products of high quality. They must follow many requirements: list the components of the color; issue number; expiry date; name of the company that manufactures the product. The qualitative products usually have glycerin basis. It is easily dissoluble in water and fat. It helps the carrying in of the color, because it makes it more intense. The particles of the pigment never get dry under the skin and do not change their consistency.


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