Caring for the tattoo on the beach

Image: © RKPHOTO / Fotolia

If you are living in close proximity to the city pool, you have already felt the sunny call of the dance music, the cocktails, lounge chairs and the cool and refreshing water. Regardless of whether you will soon find yourself around the pool or on the sand, ready to jump into the sea, the care for your tattoo should never remain in the background. In the summer the body skin needs twice as much attention and care than during the other three seasons. One of the conditions for safely exposure to the sun is to use a lotion with a sun protection factor of at least 15.

On the ink drawing, however it is better to put a higher protection factor, as this sector of the skin is much more sensitive to the sun. In a relatively short time, a not maintained and unprotected tattoo will become pale. After the exposure to the sun necessarily moisturize your skin. Also try using moisturizers after every shower. Let us summarize – for maintaining the tattoo you need a regular use of body lotion with a high sun protection factor and moisturizing cream for your body.

All doctors recommend you avoid standing in the sun in the hottest hours of the day. In addition to being bad for your tattoo, you may incur a bunch of other health problems.


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