Attention! Not everyone can get tattooed

Image: © Cyril Comtat / Fotoloia

While the ink art gains popularity of flesh to flesh, it has its hidden dangers with which few people are familiar. If you have decided to get a tattoo of a painted symbol, a favorite name or something beautiful that others do not understand, then first check whether you are of the people who can make a tattoo on their body. How to find out the answer? Keep on reading.


Pregnant women and people with clotting dysfunctions are some of the cases in which a tattoo would be the worst possible choice for the preservation of a memory. If you belong to this heading, then our team recommends that you buy a camera and fill the walls in your home with memories.


The lower back is contraindicated in women, because during childbirth they can get an epidural anesthesia, which would lead to further complications. We know how much you trust your tattooist and how he tattooed your aunt, sister and brother or some of your friends or their friends, he knows his work. But another important reason why it is advisable to avoid the spinal area is that at any moment, the hand of the tattoo artist could move and the needle to cause you serious neurological problems.


The tattoo itself is not dangerous, the danger comes upon contact of the blood with it, as it may be contaminated with viruses such as HIV, hepatitis B or C.


Another important part of the process of tattooing, which is mandatory to note is the materials and the type of ink that will use the tattooist. To avoid an allergic reaction or some other complication, you should make a test for allergies to the ink and the anesthesia if any will be administered.


After visiting the studio of your tattoo artist (as we know we have not dissuaded you, this is not our goal), do a blood test. Look on the good side: you will finally ask what your blood group is, try to remember it this time or at least until the next.



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