9 facts about tattoos

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There is a legend that after years of captivity a European sailor returned from New Zealand with a strange disfiguring decoration, painted on his skin, from which women fainted and men shuddered. His whole body was covered with tattoos.

The word “tattoo” we owe to Captain Cook, who transferred it during his travels from Tahiti.




We offer you a few less known facts about tattoos:

1. The ancient Slavs also had tattoos, but for women. They were worn to protect the home hearths.

2. John Kennedy had a tattoo of a turtle on his shoulder, in 1900 almost all American sailors from the Navy had one. The turtle was a sign that the sailor has crossed the equator.

3. Winston Churchill had a tattoo of an anchor.

4. The Catholic Church has a long friendship with tattoos. During the missions for baptism of the natives, those who newly adopted the Christian faith tattooed crosses to replace the old totem tattoos. And today there are associations of Christian tattoos in the United States that offer crosses, Bible stories and sacred texts, which if desired can even be sanctified.

5. The first British ruler who makes a tattoo is King Edward VII in 1862. Prince Charles also had a tattoo, but removed it before his wedding with Princess Diana.

6. In the geishas the tattoo is considered one of the five proofs of love, along with cutting of the hair, writing a love oath, cutting of the nails and cutting the tip of the little finger.

7. The wittiest tattoo belongs to an American soldier of World War II. He was discharged from the army because on his right hand he had written a sonorous cynicism, visible only when he pays tribute.

8. The most tattooed man in the world has covered 99.9% of his skin with a tattoo of a leopard skin. The small percentage that remains is the skin under the nails and inside the ears.

9. Among the people with tattoos to mention are also Einstein and Stalin. What were the tattoos, however, history is silent.



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