6 tattoos that you should NOT do

Image: © Kyrylo Grekov / Fotolia

Do not do this for anything in the world?


Every ugly tattoo could be disguised with a new one, but that means to obtain a significantly wider picture on your skin.


There are several types of tattoos that may seem like a good idea at some point of derangement, but later you will hate them wholeheartedly. See what not to perpetuate with ink on your epidermis:


The name of your boyfriend/girlfriend


No matter how much you two love each other maybe that will not last for a lifetime. After the separation, however, you will hate yourself because of your rash and inconsiderate decision to tattoo someone’s name on your body.


Humorous drawings


There is a chance something that you think is funny at the age of 25, you may not enjoy as much at the age of 55. And yet this drawing of ink will keep you company throughout your whole life.


Spontaneous ideas of any kind


The tattoo should be carefully considered. There is a huge risk to get sick of every spontaneous idea in a few months.


Offensive drawings expressing hatred


In other words – do not tattoo anything that you will not speak in front of your child. Someday you will become parents … I assume you probably would not want to be ashamed of your own tattoo, right?


Inscriptions in which proper spelling you are not sure


There is nothing more absurd than a tattoo with a spelling error!


Inscriptions in a language you do not know


The history remembers many examples of hieroglyphs that should mean “Love is eternal” but actually have a meaning closer to “Chicken in sweet and sour sauce.”


In general the tattoo is very personal, at least in my opinion and should be considered very well. If you have reached to the point that you want to tattoo something on your body, it should have some special meaning for you. Do not rush to make yourself a tattoo just because somebody else has the same one. Take enough time to think exactly what you want in order not to later regret for your wrong choice.




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