50% of the people find the tattoos attractive

Image: © Benicce / Fotolia

Despite the contradictory views on this topic, a new study has revealed that 50% of people consider the tattoos for attracting on a first date with someone who has done one or several drawings on their body.


According to 35 percent of men the tattoo suggests that a girl is exciting and unusual. A quarter of the women also believe that the painted men have other more adventurous blood and it would be interesting to meet such an adventurous person.

But the tattoos also have a bad side and are not always attractive to others, especially if you have written the name of a former boyfriend / girlfriend or something related to the “love” or “hate” towards him / her.

57% of men admitted that they would not feel good if every time they look at their partner, they reminisce about her old relationship and see the name of her former boyfriend on her shoulder, for example.


62% of the girls believe that the good tattoo can even play as an advertisement for the skills of the man in the bedroom. 35% of the representatives of the fair sex would approve if their spouse has a tattoo on the arm, back and shoulder, but not elsewhere.

26% of men do like to see ink on the waist of their girlfriend because it is considered one of the most sensitive areas of the female body.

59% agree that on special occasions such as weddings they have to be hidden, as most tattoos are not very suitable and do not look good with a formal dress.

According to most men and women (80%) the tattoos of an entire part of the body such as the back or thigh, are undesirable because they are too intrusive.


Most people like small and delicate tattoos that are made with taste and of course at the right place.


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