What you should take into consideration before you tattoo your body


More and more people decide to tattoo themselves not only for decoration, but also in order to hide the inborn defects and scars on their body.

Nowadays people have the opportunity to make any kind of corrections on their body without risking their life and health. The medicine and the plastic surgery are now on a very high level so almost nothing is impossible to be fixed.

If you would like to change your appearance or hide the defects on your body by tattooing yourself, you should consult a specialist before making any decisions on your own. That is necessary because, after all, that procedure is considered to be a surgical intervention and it violates the skin.

First of all, you should speak with an anesthesiologist. The tattoos in the clinics are always made with anesthetics. Often the patients suffer from chronic diseases. Such diseases might cause some unexpected difficulties and complications to the procedure. That is why the anesthetics should be carefully selected from the anesthesiologist.

Before the procedure you will be given some questions to answer. They are most likely to be:

  1. How do you evaluate your health condition?
  2. Do you suffer from any chronic diseases? If yes – what are they? (your doctor should be aware of your diseases)
  3. Have you been taking any medications lately? If yes – what kind of medications?
  4.  Do you smoke? (smoking affects the oxygen exchange and you should warn your anesthesiologist if you are a smoker)
  5. Do you have any allergies? (a question to avoid allergic reactions)
  6. Do you know of some kind of side effects or unexpected reactions caused by the usage of anesthetics on your relatives? (possibility of hereditary diseases)

You must consult a doctor if you have:  heart disease; hypertonia; brain surgery; cardiovascular insufficiency; oxygen insufficiency; asthma; chronic obstructive bronchitis;  diabetes; liver affection; rheumatism; thrombophlebitis. In case you have one of these diseases you should forfeit from the procedure.

That list of diseases is not complete. But it is complete enough for the people who suffer from even one of the listed diseases. Those people should know that there is no point in wasting time and money in any other consultations. Tattooing is just not appropriate for these health conditions.

And finally, it must be remarked that such procedures could be done, only if the patient does not suffer from any tough diseases. And also, he should not take any medications at least two weeks before the procedure.






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