What kind of tattoo to get according to your zodiac sign

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Choosing a tattoo is a serious decision. The drawing should represent your personality, because it is assumed that it will remain on your body forever. Therefore you must choose wisely.

If you are about to make such a choice or you are just curious, you can view our proposals and learn what tattoo would suit your astrological sign (and if you do not believe in astrology, you can “steal” inspiration from the other zodiac signs).




Arians are brave, tenacious and competitive natures. Therefore choose a tattoo that will symbolize your determination and ambition. Appropriate choices are arrows flying towards the goal, just like you. The bees are hardworking and tireless. Therefore they are the perfect symbol to paint on your body.




Taureans love life. They love to be pampered and enjoy the little things (and sometimes larger and expensive stuff). One of their favorite aspects of life are the holidays! The palm tree symbolizes the deserved vacation and enjoyment of life. Taureans are also great romantics, so the neck is a good place for a tattoo. Choose something sweet like a heart or an inscription which represents a favorite thing.




You are ready to “fly away” and may change at any time. Wings, feathers and birds are a suitable symbol that will express your light and fickle spirit. Besides volatility and eternal search, for the Geminis is inherent and a duality. Therefore, you can choose a tattoo that combines two different styles. Or show that you are a brave Gemini and get an entirely white tattoo.




You are an irreparable home loving person and for you the family is most important. You like to feel safe at home. Therefore select a pulse, anchor, heart, or the name of someone very close to you.




You are born as a leader and you love being in the spotlight. Of course, to your royalty suits a crown as for the lion, still it is your animal. Like it and you are fearless.




You always think, meditate, your mind will never rest. Furthermore, you have a flair for the details, so geometric and complex tattoos will suit you well. The carefully selected quote will also suit you.




Can you do anything at all by yourself? You are a very social person and love the company of other people. But mostly your soul mate, it does not matter whether this is your best friend, your partner or someone important to you. So make identical or matching tattoos. It will also be twice as fun.




You are a passionate and fiery nature. And the rose is a symbol of passion, love and a lot of your desires. Also, you sometimes deepen in reflections related to life’s problems, so something more gloomy and serious will also suit you.




You are overwhelmed by your travelling spirit throughout. So such a tattoo will combine with your adventurous side. Just think of all the sweet and playful geographical tattoos that can be painted on your body.




You are a very rational person, besides you are stubborn, hardworking, ambitious and determined. You would not chose a large and engaging tattoo. You prefer small and delicate inscriptions which in a minimalist and delicate way could reveal your personality. The tree is also a relevant symbol which will present your earthly nature and the fact that you are always grounded in reality.




You have a good heart, so you are always trying to help the people around you. You are interested in the problems of the world and are a socially engaged person. Therefore to you will suit the mandala – the symbol of the universe.




You are a gentle dreamer. You own a great imagination and have a creative personality. Besides, you are very romantic. Therefore unicorns, butterflies and any tattoos implemented with magic, are suitable for you.



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