The tattoo nowadays


The main step of the development of the tattoo was taken in 1891 when the first electric tattoo machine was invented by Samuel O’Riley in America. For a while tattooing was famous only among sailors. The tattoo designs were very few and ordinary, there was no sign of art in them.

The bold Americans found a way to trade off their new invention really quick. They opened tattoo salons where everyone could get a tattoo if they wanted to. Special paints and instruments were also invented. That is the time when tattooing became popular.

The main development’s stage of the fashionable body drawing was back in the 50s-60s years of XX century. The basis of tattooing stayed preserved in the different nations. Young people who were brave enough to experiment with the new art helped for its development. They created many tattooing styles and thanks to them, nowadays we have plenty of ideas for tattoo designs.

Back then the popularity of tattoos began to grow really quick. Many rock stars tattooed their bodies with interesting designs which incited their fans to follow their example. Soon after that, schools for tattooing were created. People went there to study the art. Many books were created. From this moment on, tattooing was considered as an art.

From the late 70s tattooing has its festival. It is also called a tattoo conference. The first conference took place in 1976 in New York. Such events are nowadays conducted several times a year in different countries – Russia, Europe and America. Wherever they take place, conferences are always turning into a huge celebration. Amateurs and professionals come from all over the world to celebrate. Even people who do not have tattoos go to these events with huge excitement.

In the last 20 years, people of all kind tattoo their bodies. In the past only the members of particular social groups had tattoos. But now, that has changed. The tattoo is considered to be a way of expressing your individuality. It makes you unique. Cinema and show business stars show their individualism with their interesting tattoos. Julia Roberts, Madonna, Jonny Depp and Courtney Love – they all have tattoos which could be seen all over the Internet and in many different magazines. Fans are likely to make the same tattoos as their idols.

For hundreds of years, tattooing has gone through a huge denial and it was even forbidden in some countries. Today it is something that will never be old fashioned. People will always tattoo their bodies and make their tattoos a part of their life. But tattooing is a personal choice. Let’s not forget that we are free to choose what we want. There will always be people who deny it, only because they have a different opinion. After all, tattooing is an art and every art has its followers and opponents.



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