The tattoo fans have superlative immunity

Image: © Oliver Lehermaier / Fotolia

The tattoos, so modern, not only in the recent years, may prove to be good for our health. It turns out that making them on the skin strengthens the immunity of the person.

The seasonal colds and viruses can be easily fought off if your immunity is strong. Scientists from Alabama believe that making a drawing on the body is one way to enhance the protective functions of the body and the organism.

To the curious conclusion the scientists came after an interesting study. People with and without tattoos took part in it. It turns out that the more drawings a person has, the less likely he is to suffer from colds or flu.

Explanation of this is sought in the painful procedure by which a tattoo is applied to the skin. This is a real test for the protective functions of the body. After the making of the tattoo, it discards up to half of the ink in the form of a crust. The truth is that no matter how well a tattoo is made, our body and organism struggle with it for our whole life.

The particular area is trying to get rid of it by separating more and more cells for years. This is the reason why each tattoo is slowly fading over time. The speed of the process is determined by the quality of the materials used.

However, the immune system only intensifies in a particular type of person. These are the fans of tattoos that are so addicted that they just can not stop. They regularly place their bodies to this extravagant test. It is thanks to this that their immune system is strengthened and their resistance of viruses and colds is higher than that of the rest of the people.

It turns out that the tattoos might be useful not only for our beauty and self-esteem but also for our health.


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