The new total hit – 3D tattoos

Image: © shime / Fotolia

An obsession, an initiative launched yet in the ancient past, but which is extremely popular today, is the tattooing with a variety of strange, funny, meaningful and meaningless drawings. Over time, were invented all sorts of types of tattoos – from black, white, colored and transparent to 3D.


Yes, now except 3D movies are modern and 3D tattoos – an art that is so realistic that can even sometimes be scary. Of course, the achievement of this effect is a very difficult task, which is why they must be created by professional tattoo artists with years of experience, knowledge and skills. People make these tattoos all over their body – on a small, medium or large area, everything is a matter of taste. Naturally it is taken into account the type of tattoo itself, what it is and how it would unfold best. The quality of the three-dimensional appearance is not dependent on the size but on the professionalism, with which the tattoo has been made.


As we said, there are all kinds of tattoos, some of which are absolutely stressful, scary, terrifying and we can only wonder how these people look at themselves in the mirror… Everything is a matter of taste, interest and style – things like one or several pairs of eyes on the face, a foot, which has a carving, a new pair of lips, face plugs and any such absurd things. Of course, there are quite beautiful, interesting and amazing tattoos that give a real pleasure while you are watching them.


The three dimensional tattoos are a total hit. They are interesting and innovative and in your choice can be black or colorful in bold and bright colors. The difference in this type of tattoos is that they look super realistic, as if the picture is alive on the body of the tattooed person.


Naturally, like any tattoo, you need to take care of and protect your new acquisition. We have mentioned more than once that a tattoo is better to be made in the autumn and winter or in early spring. In the summer they are exposed to the sun, sweat and dust and are more likely to be polluted. When you expose yourself to the sun anoint your tattoos with a high factor sunscreen lotion. In this way you will for longer enjoy the beautiful drawings on your body.


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