The Indian tattoos – a symbol of freedom

Image: © Snezana Skundric / Footlia

What do you think they represent? Images of chiefs, falcons, eagles? Yes, but these are the more new Indian paintings. The actual and original Indian tattoos depict idyllic paintings, such as we know them in the westerns. The images change where the European invaders conquered their lands.


Among the motifs used are portraits of chiefs, tomahawks and pipes of peace, as well as eagles, falcons, bears and feathers to symbolize the quest for freedom and independence.

The Indian motifs were the favorites of the hippies in the 60s of XX century, as well as the rockers in the 70 years of the same century. All were impressed by the endless expanses of the prairies, by the desire of the Indians to merge with nature and their love for freedom.


The Native American population lived outside the law. And the long-haired hippies with their wide clothes as well as the bearded bikers with their leather garments felt like Indians.


Nowadays is becoming increasingly fashionable to make Indian tattoos. They are called Haida and are red and black images of salmon, eagles, turtles… These motifs are closely related to the spiritual life of the Indians living on the West Coast of the United States.


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