The feeling of pain while making a tattoo


It is certainly hard to avoid the pain while tattooing. But everyone knows that beauty requires sacrifices. So if you are not ready to suffer a little bit, then you should probably give up the idea of making a tattoo. After all you could make a temporary tattoo any time you want. It could be made very easily and it won’t hurt you at all.

At the beginning of the procedure it will hurt you a lot. But only in a couple of hours the pain will be much stronger. That is because of the fact that the tattoo machine has been working on the same place of your body for a very long time.

Normally women deal with the pain much easier than men. But of course there are some exceptions.

The intensity of pain depends on the place you have chosen for the tattoo. When the tattoo is close to the bone it hurts much more. That is why tattooing your ribs, backbone, spine, ankles and fingers is very torturous. A very painful place for a tattoo is also where the skin is very thin and delicate. Your eyelids, genitals and nipples are exactly the most delicate places for a tattoo and if you decide to tattoo them be sure that the pain will be awfully strong. The stomach tattoo hurts a lot too, because you are moving all the time while you are breathing and you can not hold your breath for a long time. The constant movement makes the tattooing much harder. The pain while tattooing also depends on the condition of the skin of the client. When the skin is young and elastic, it is less painful than when it is flabby. Things that can also relieve the pain are your tattooist’s recommendations. It is really important to follow his advices.

The tattooist, the quality and the type of the tattoo equipment are of a great significance. The intensity of pain and the speed of tattooing are closely connected with each other. One tattoo design could be made for 15 minutes or for 3 hours. But in the first case the client will go through horrible pain while in the second – he will just feel uncomfortable. After the tattoo is done it starts to heal. There might be a bit discomfort while healing unless an allergy appears. In cases of unexpected reactions, you should consult your doctor.

If you have decided to remove your tattoo, you have three options. The first one is getting it removed by laser. It is less painful, but really expensive. Another method of removing is by dermabrasion, which sands away the top layer of your skin through abrasive friction. And the last one is excision – cutting away your tattoo and sewing your skin back together. There are some other do-it-yourself methods, but they are not so effective and do not remove the tattoo entirely. Despite all, the making of a tattoo is much more painful than is its removal. So think twice before tattooing.


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