The celebrities’ obsession for tattoo removal

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Why do the stars remove their old tattoos?


In the recent years the tattoos have become an absolute hit! If once it was believed for propriety only the sailors and the military to be tattooed, it is now difficult to find anyone who is not. We can definitely say that the ink images are the craze of the last three decades.


But the fashion is changing terribly fast. What we think is beautiful today, might disgusts us tomorrow. Precisely so is also the question with the tattoos. Even if you think that the name of a boyfriend, an inspirational inscription or funny image are the perfect drawing for our body, after a few years we may regret that decision. Especially if we parted with that beloved or have found a serious job, and from our sleeve peeks a drawing of Sponge Bob.


The stars are the best example for that. The expert in plastic surgery – Dr. Michael Kulick says that a growing number of celebrities book an appointment with him to remove the already unwanted tattoos from their bodies. Reasons for their decision are reckoning that a particular tattoo is too rough, no longer suits their personality, is too visible, and most often – a memory associated with a former spouse, boyfriend, etc.


Dr. Kulick claims that the procedure is completely painless and safe. To remove the ink a laser is used, which does not leave scars or skin irritations. The laser therapy acts by disrupting the ink into smaller fragments, which are later degraded by the organism itself and are removed from the body naturally.


The most famous names among the stars that have used the services of Dr. Kulick are Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Eva Longoria.


After the stormy separation with her former husband Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie removed the tattoo from her left shoulder, which represented the first two names of the actor, in combination with a curved Chinese dragon. Now Angelina has another tattoo on this place – the coordinates of the birth places of her six children.


Megan Fox made the decision to remove her famous tattoo with the image of Marilyn Monroe, which not only inspired thousands of girls to make a similar, but became emblematic for Megan. Today there is no memory of the slightly rough drawing on her right hand. But we can not hide how much we like her new image – of a real lady and responsible mother.


Another famous client of Dr. Kulick is the actress from the series “Desperate Housewives” – Eva Longoria. She removed the tattoo on her wrist, which was from 2009. The inscription represented the date July 7, 2007. – the day of the wedding with her now ex-husband Tony Parker.


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