Tattoos with flowers

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Tattoos with flowers – meaning and symbols.


The tattoos of flowers are becoming more commonly found these days. In general and rather more frequently, the flower tattoos are traditionally perceived as ladies’ and mostly are worn by women. The fact is that when you think of tattoos of flowers, then you certainly imagine them depicted on delicate bodies.


Of all the traditions the floral tattoos with Japanese flowers are among the oldest and most famous. Before we dive into the disclosure of the traditional meaning behind many of the tattoos, it should be noted that their meaning varies from the different cultures. The meaning of the flowers in the Japanese tattoo culture can be quite different from their meaning in the Mexican tattoo art, for example.


We will try to clarify what symbolize some of the most popular tattoos of flowers. Of course, the most popular tattoo is that of the queen of the flowers – the rose.


The tattoo of a rose is one of the most common among the flowers for tattoos. Although it is less common in the Eastern tattoo art, it is an integral part of the traditional American tattoo culture.

The tattoo of a rose is usually considered as a symbol of love and beauty, and with the same qualities is also associated the very flower. This flower has a much deeper meaning and a much longer history in the world of the tattoo art. The rose tattoo also means equilibrium and symbolizes the undying love, hope and a new beginning. The addition of a stem with thorns provides additional contrasting meanings as defense, loss and recklessness.



The second most often displayed flower in the tattoos is the lily.

The meaning of the lily can be traced back to ancient Greece, where the white lily was born. The Greeks believed that it blooms from the milk of Hera, the Goddess of the gods. For this reason, the lily in Greece symbolizes the divine femininity.

It also often means power, perfection and purity. Goodness, understanding and mourning are also associated with the flower lily. And the lily for a tattoo is open to all kinds of interpretations. It may be a major element in the tattoo, but may also be just a segment of the whole drawing.



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