Tattoos are a passion but they cause cancer


The professor of chemistry from the university in Regensburg, Wolfgang Boimler, claims that tattooing causes cancer. He had run off a quiz on the Internet among people who go to the tattoo studio pretty often. In this quiz had taken part 3500 people who have tattoos. 60% of them had tattoos, bigger than 300 cm² or around 10 tattoos on the entire body. Only 10% had only one single tattoo on their body.

During the research, some of the participants shared with professor Boimler the problems that they have with the ink under their skin.

About a hundred people had an inflammation after the tattooing. Some incarnation and vesiculation appeared. That is a normal skin reaction, but it must be gone in maximum 4 weeks. Most of the people who had this problem claim that it had lasted longer, which means that the tattooing was made in an unhygienic way.

The German scientist also warns that the paints for tattooing sometimes contain pigments that are used in the car and printing industry. But what is scarier is that some of the paints and inks contain components that cause cancer.

About a year ago, in Switzerland, there was a campaign by which the authorities put the tattoo paints to examination. After the result, a ban was put on 152 paints. All of them were considered dangerous for the health.

During tattooing, part of the paint goes into the blood. In that way, it colors the lymph nodes which are close to the place which is being tattooed. The diseases which tattooing might cause are a popular subject in the magazines and on the Internet. Many doctors nowadays report for found tumors under the tattoos.


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