Tattooing styles


Tattoos in a traditional style – with no colors and shades

Traditional style

For the first time, tattooing became a fashion and an addition to the appearance in America in the years after the war. The images of the traditional tattoos had contours. They were made with one color and had no shades. That was more than enough for the people back then. The image and the uniqueness of the tattoo were not important. The only thing that mattered for people was just to have a tattoo. The traditional tattoo style dates back in the 80s of the last century.

This style is still of present interest, although it has changed a lot. Nowadays it is some kind of a flashback. The most famous images are of ships, mermaids, anchors, hearts and roses.

In the 80s, in the times when rock music and the punk culture reached their peak, tattooing became really popular and many tattooists began their work. Many young people started tattooing. The competition became really big and the rivals had to think of something very interesting and attractive in order to win their clients.

Adornments and ornaments

The decorative tattoo has been invented a long time ago. People decorated their bodies for many reasons – for beauty; to scare the enemies; to mark their love to each other; and so on.

Tribes that lived in the Pacific Ocean tattooed their bodies with interesting ornaments. The Slavs drew their bodies with ornaments too. When there were rituals, they even put on them some diamonds in order to make the look of the tattoo more beautiful. The Japanese and Indians put ornaments by the tattooing too.

Nowadays tattooing is popular because of many reasons. The tattoo is a universal drawing which never becomes old fashioned. It could be drawn on every place of the body with different size and shape. A tattoo can be also transformed or removed any time you want.

Decorations on the tattoos could be drawn as additional elements to the images which have a meaning and symbolize something. Or they could be just an addition to your appearance and your beauty. The perfect places for decorations are your ankles, neck, wrists and hands. Usually on these body parts are tattooed floral motifs and interesting gentle ornaments.

Image:©Sandra Kemppainen/Fotolia

Celtic tattoos

First, we should answer the question: Where did this tattoo style come from? – The answer is not that simple. There is no evidence, but still, we have a few versions of this style’s origin.

The essence of the Celtic tattoos is their interesting way of interlacement. Different motifs are intertwined with each other in a beautiful way. The images used for this style of tattooing are of many different kinds.

The researches show that the Celtic tattoos have come from Ancient Rome. But the Celtic culture has gone through many nations. Another name of the Celtic style is Romance-Celtic style.

Slavs tattoos

The Slavs ethnical identity is still not fully finished. It is still being changed and completed. The Slavs-style tattooing could not be seen everywhere. It is mostly preferred by women. The most common images for such tattoos are crosses, tree branches, initials and garlands. In the times when Bosnia was a province of the Ottoman Empire, people used to tattoo crosses on their bodies as a sign of declination of the Muslim religion. The cross symbolized Christianity.

American style of tattooing

In America, the tattoos are usually presented by images of poniards, snakes, hearts and different inscriptions.



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