Tattooing as a fashion

Image:©Anja Roesnick/Fotolia

The tattoo is a way to express your individuality and distinguish yourself from the crowd. It gives your body uniqueness and signifies your body nature. Sociologists affirm that the popularity of the tattoo is connected with the psychology of people and it could be easily explained. Most of the tattoo fans are at the age of 20-30 years, which is considered to be the age of the personality development. People tattoo their bodies mostly in times when they are in a crisis points of their life. Some make tattoos on mythical grounds and draw images of amulets on their bodies.

Fashion is a capricious thing and we should be really careful towards it. That is why we should not rush to make a tattoo only because it is fashionable. If you have decided to tattoo your body because of the fashion, think of what you will do when that particular fashion trend disappears. If you want to be up to date with fashion, the best option for you is to get a henna tattoo – it is not temporary and it could be removed any time you want. In different moments, different tattoo motifs are popular. You should not be leaded by fashion. Tattoos express our personality and they should mean something special for us. So think of tattooing as something you should attach importance and significance to.

Historically, the tattoo is considered to be a sign of good taste and brave decisions. Famous people are the ones who make it a fashion trend. Hollywood actors and rock musicians are the sources of that trend and usually they do not even notice that. They decorate their bodies with different and interesting tattoos and their fans are inclinable to make the same tattoos as theirs.


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