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In the summer, we all show our bodies and demonstrate our beauty everywhere we go. Except our bodies, our tattoos are more noticeable than in the cold months, when they are under the warm clothes. Apart from beauty, tattoos have their symbolic meanings. They express our personality and sometimes say a lot about what we have been through in our life.


According to studies about body art, people make tattoos in order to show themselves to the world or to commemorate an important thing that has happened to them. In other words, tattooing is something like a business card. We just need to know how to read it. And the tattoo language is far from easy.


The drawings could be aggressive, funny, evil or playful. It is believed that a tattoo might affect its owner in a good or a bad way. It is also considered that people give a part of their energy to their tattoos. After all, tattoos are able to characterize their owners pretty well. Here, you will find out what the most popular tattoo images mean.



In the mythology of many nations in Africa and Asia, the lion is a symbol of strength, power, majesty and control. It is also believed that the lion personifies the mind, braveness, pride, victory, valor, justice and vigilance. As for the lioness, it symbolizes maternity and lust. In Buddhism, the lion shows perseverance, bravery and nobility. People believe that a tattoo of a lion will bring them luck and happiness. In China, it is one of the four symbols of power.

The lion is often drawn on different country flags.

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Leopard or panther

The image of the leopard symbolizes the Goddess of fertility. A tattoo of this animal gives to his owner strength, speed and it quickens his reflexes.



Usually, tattoos of a wolf have the leaders. In the mythology of many nations from Europe and North America, the wolf is a symbol of war. The Indians thought of the wolf as a symbol of death. While, the Egyptians and the Romans believed that it symbolizes heroism. The wolf tattoo is appropriate for people who work as directors or managers and their vocation is leading.



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It is a symbol of the impetuous spirit. In the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the image of an eagle means a new day, a new beginning and a new life. The eagle symbolizes air, fire, immortality and god’s love on earth. The eagle plays the same role in the sky, as the lion on the earth. It is the king of the sky. The eagle tattoo brings longevity.

The screech-owl symbolizes death and darkness.




A tattoo with the image of a tiger’s head means cruelty and fury. People, who have such tattoos, usually like fighting. The place, where it is usually tattooed is on the chests.


In almost all myths, the dragon is connected with fertility and women’s power. Many gods of death are drawn as dragons. In India and Africa, the dragon is associated with treasures and richness. It is considered that the dragon tattoo brings luck and power to its owner. Usually, the owners of such tattoos are optimists and they enjoy the challenges.




It is a symbol of immortality, rebirth and the perpetual renewal. People with tattoos of a phoenix, usually want a clean start.


It symbolizes freedom, nobility, love and joy. Dolphins usually warn the sailors when they are in danger. That’s why tattooed, they are considered to be a protection from the evil.

In the Christian’s symbolism, the dolphin is associated with the face of Jesus Christ – as an artist and a savior of the human’s world.








The fish symbolize fertility, abundance, sexual strength, wisdom and indifference. In India and China they are the symbol of giving birth. A tattoo of a fish means clarity and faith.

Monkey and elephant

They symbolize wisdom.


It is a symbol of luck and ignorance.


It is a symbol of the fighting spirit.


It means endurance and braveness.


It symbolizes the infinity of time and the power of creations.


It is a symbol of the soul and the immortality.


It is associated with longevity, happiness and mystery.


The bull is considered a symbol of fertility.


It is associated with the work and mind. 


The snake is a symbol of wisdom, but it is sometimes associated with evil. 



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