Questions and answers about the piercing – Part II

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We continue with the most curious questions and the most correct answers about the piercing.

Q: What shall we say about the piercing on the nipples? Does it increase or decrease the sensitivity?

A: There are many rumors about the piercing on the nipples (and the one on the clitoris). When you make such a piercing, in the beginning, the sensitivity is huge. But, after the healing process is done, it drastically decreases (in comparison with the freshly done piercing), because of the development of a thick layer of fibrous tissue. Then the sensitivity gradually grows again. It can not be the same as by the freshly done piercing, but the feeling of sensitivity that you get is bigger than the one before the piercing. Many people, who have no sensitivity of their nipples, say that they get sensitive after the piercing.

Q: Could women with nipple piercing breastfeed?

A: Absolutely! There is no problem with the breastfeeding. But it is necessary to take off the earring, because it is too big for the baby’s mouth. It is also not very hygienic and the earring could be swollen by the baby.

Q: Is there a risk for the nipple piercing while playing with the breasts?

A: Yes, there is a risk of tearing off if the partner pulls the breasts too strong. Despite that, the skin there is very elastic and it could handle a bigger tension. One of the things that you should know about nipple piercings is that the earrings are from metal and they could get very cold in the winter.

Q: What about the labia piercing (female genitals)? Is there a risk of tearing off, especially on the inner labia?

A: After the healing, you should not have any concerns. The only thing that you should avoid is too much aggressiveness and quick and strong penetration. The labia are very elastic and strong and could handle a bigger tension. You could even help yourself by oral sex when you pull them. If you think that you could tear your skin by pulling it, do not worry, you can not do that.

Q: Is the piercing on the clitoris really made on it, or is it on the clitoris hat?

A: They both exist. The piercing on the hat of the clitoris is made around the skin of the clitoris. It could be vertical or horizontal. The vertical is with a barbell and the horizontal is with a ring. There is also a third kind of piercing in this area, it is called “triangle”. The piercing is situated on the back of the clitoris. The piercings on the hat of the clitoris are least painful. The pain by the “triangle” is much more intense.

Q: What are the risks by the clitoris piercing?

A: By the “triangle”, there is a danger of damaging the whole clitoris, which could end the sensitivity of the part of the clitoris which is right afore the piercing.

Q: And again – is there a risk of decreased sensitivity?

A: No one has ever complained about such thing. If there is a change at all – it usually is in a good direction – the sensitivity increases.

Q: Are there any places of the body, which should not be pierced? 

A: If the man who is making the piercing is a professional, then there are no such places. It is recommended that you do not make a piercing on your eyes and the area around the spine.


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