Questions and answer about the piercing – Part I


Here, we offer you the most common questions about the piercing and their answers.

Q: Which are the main concerns that we should have in mind while making a piercing?

A: You should not put your body into stress. The stimulation of your piercing and some other actions might slow down the healing process and that is not recommended. Such are: making another piercing on your body right after the first one. It is recommended that you give your piercing around six weeks to heal.

Q: Is the risk of diseases which are transmitted sexually increased when you have a piercing?

A: The piercing is an open wound, so in some point, that makes the risk bigger. Despite that, safe sex is safe sex. It is good to give your piercing about a month (the time depends on the person) to fully heal before you renew your sexual activity.

Q: How should we take care of the piercing? Does that depend on the kind of piercing?

A: All piercings are treated almost in the same way. The only exception is the oral piercing where some extra cares should be taken. Clean your piercing twice a day – first in the morning and then in the evening before you go to bed. Use a cleaning product which does not dry the skin too much, but removes the bacteria from it. Do not use strong products with alcohol, iodine or hydrogen peroxide. Even some antibacterial soap could be too strong. Do not move your piercing without need. In case you have an oral piercing, you should use mouth water in addition to the other cleaning product that you are using. The mouth water should be used after each meal. Use products which do not contain alcohol and have an antibacterial effect.

Q: Which are the warning signs showing us that something is wrong with the piercing?

A: Continuous pain, incarnation, swelling – things that you could always associate with a problem. If the skin turns pink, it is OK, but in case it is red – that is a problem. You should watch your piercing for big amounts of pus and crusts. Problems usually occur as a result of the constant movement of the piercing, which irritates the pierced place. Most people follow the hygienic rules. In case of a problem, you should call your specialist and ask him for advice. He will tell you how to deal with it.

Q: How much time does the healing process of the piercing take?

A: There is a difference between healing until the moment when you do not have to clean your piercing anymore and the moment when the pain disappears. Cleaning becomes unnecessary after six weeks, but the piercing could be painful for three months to one year. After a year, you could change the jewel of your piercing without worrying that it will piece up. If your piercing still hurts, you should consult a specialist. You might sometimes need a third cleaning during the day. Some women notice that their piercing gets worse right before their menstruation, especially during the first year of the piercing. That is a result of the fact that their body focuses on the menstruation, not on the healing process of the piercing. During menstruation the body is busy with the changes in the hormonal levels and the blood circulation which both affect the healing process.

Q: Can you get a tongue piercing if you have a short frenulum (tongue web; the small fold of mucous membrane under the tongue)?

A: When the frenulum of the tongue is too short, it affects the part where the piercing should be placed in order to fit well. This might cause constant irritation of the gums (because piercing is more on the one side, not in the center of the tongue). The tongue piercings cause irritation only when you speak too much or when you have plaque accumulation.

Q: Could oral piercings lead to dental problems?

A: Of course. If the used earring is not with the correct size (if it is too long) and you bite it too strong by accident or if the earring is abrasive, it might affect your teeth. But earrings are not a problem at all. There is nothing in the consistency of the metal that could cause dental problems.


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