Preparing the skin for tattooing


Before the tattooing, the skin should be prepared in a special way. You should check carefully for some injuries, wounds, cuts or little scratches. If the place for the tattoo is on the upper part of your head or on the back of your head, it should be shaved.

The tattoo image is sketched with all its contours, before the tattooing begins.

There are some hygiene rules that should be followed. The skin must be carefully disinfected and cleaned. It should be smooth. The materials for the disinfection must be medical. This is one of the main conditions for safe and qualitative tattooing. In case the skin is not well prepared, that could cause some serious and unpleasant problems.

Image:©shime/ Fotolia

Making a tattoo on moles is very dangerous, because it might cause development of some skin tumors and that would lead to bigger problems.

The unclean skin before tattooing might be a potential source of bacteria and microbes. They might lead to many serious diseases. For example, the lack of hygiene might cause hepatitis.

A sketch is done before the tattooing. The little errors on that sketch should be covered with Vaseline. In that way the rubbing and the unnecessary coloring is being avoided.


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