Pluses and minuses of tattooing


The tattoo is an individual choice. People express their personality and outlooks by tattooing their body. Youngsters choose to tattoo themselves in order to be unique and to distinguish from the crowd.


● Tattooing might sometimes give a lot of charm to a person’s body. It looks attractive to the opposite sex, especially when it is placed on the chiseled body shapes.

● A tattoo might be a sign of uniqueness and individualism. It could help you stand out from the crowd and make you feel special.

● For some people, tattooing is a symbol of freedom, self expressing and world-view.

● For some people, the meaning of their tattoo hides in its artistic look. For other, the meaning is in the symbolism of the drawing that they have chosen to tattoo on their body.

● It might sound strange, but tattooing gives you higher self confidence. The reason for that is the uniqueness which a tattoo might give you.


● The needles and the huge amount of ink that is being injected under your skin during the tattooing, is not harmless for all people. It is very important that you make some tests for allergies to the chemicals which the tattoo ink contains.

● The risk of infections is not a small one too. If the tattoo artist does not clean his instruments after every use, it is very likely the low hygiene to cause an infection.

● The low hygiene might also cause many other health problems. If the needle was used for tattooing other people with diseases, you might get the same disease if it is blood-borne.

● If you get fed up from your tattoo in a year or two, there is no turning back. The only option is removing it, but it is an expensive and painful procedure, which might hide some problems and complications.

● You must be sure that your tattooist follows the necessary hygiene rules, because in case he does not, it is very likely that you get an infection, disease or another unpleasant reaction form the tattooing.

● You should strictly take care of your tattoo after the tattooing procedure. In case you do not do that, you risk harming your health. It is important that you look after the tattoo and clean it very often. Even if you get a small infection, it still has its dangerous consequences.

Once you have made a tattoo on your body, it becomes a part of you. It is a fact that you should carefully take into consideration all the pluses and minuses that tattooing has. Criticized or not, tattooing nowadays has turned into fashion, caprice and business.


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