Places for tattooing – Legs

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The legs are a very special place for tattooing. On the one hand, they are a place where many interesting images could be tattooed. On the other hand, they might hide many problems for you and difficulties for the tattoo artist.


The hips are a very appropriate place for tattooing. A tattoo there might show the beauty of your legs, but the image should be carefully chosen. You could hide your hips very easy, which is also a plus. A tattoo on the hips could be combined with a nice swimsuit and at the same time, you could hide it with some clothing.




They are a comfortable place for tattooing. On your thighs could be drawn many interesting motifs which could also be seen in the summer. In winter they will be hidden under your clothes. The thighs are not an attractive place for tattooing for men as for women. Men usually have a problem with tattooing their thighs because of the fact that they have a lot of leg hair. The tattoo artist has a problem with that too, that is why the legs should be shaved before the tattooing.


The place is really small, but it is nice for tattooing. Of course, if you decide to make a big tattoo there, it is possible, but it should spread on some other parts of your leg. Most of the time, people make small tattoos on their ankles. Often, the images for that place are floral motifs, bracelets or symmetrical images on both ankles. Such small tattoos are mostly preferred by women – they think of them as a decoration.


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Your feet are a difficult place for tattooing and not every tattooist will agree to tattoo them. They are also a dangerous place, because there are some lymph nodes on them. Their harming might cause you some problems. The most often drawings on the feet are decorative shoes. If you have a wide imagination, you could think of something very interesting to tattoo on your feet.





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