Places for tattooing – Face and Head




People who shave their head (or those who do not have beautiful hair) usually choose their head for their tattoos. Usually the head tattoos are preferred by men, but of course there are exceptions to every rule. The most common place for these tattoos is the back of the head and tattoos usually cover the neck too. But there are some people who have had their whole head tattooed.

Small drawings perfectly fit into the limited space of the neck.

The most popular tattoo design for the back of the head and the neck is the bat. It looks very nice in this area. It perfectly fits as a tribal motif. The size of this place does not allow large-scale drawings, but it is perfect for the small ones that could perfectly fit in this limited space.





The advantage of the head tattoo is that you could hide it anytime you want by your hair (if it is long enough) or with a scarf for example.


The face is a very special and delicate place for tattooing. The most common way of tattooing for the face is the permanent makeup. It usually covers the eyes, eyebrows and lips. The disadvantage of this kind of makeup is that its changing is very complicated.

Only people who like the risk make tattoos on their faces. It is almost impossible for such a tattoo to be hidden. The only option is wearing a mask. This place is something that all people see and in case you have a tattoo on it, people start staring at you. A common motive for making a face tattoo is letting the world know that you are different. Another reason for tattooing your face might be an ugly scar that you want to hide. Actually this is a good way of turning something ugly into something beautiful and interesting. But you should know that before you make a decision to cover your scars with a tattoo, you must consult a doctor.


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