Piercing on the tongue


The tongue piercing has become very popular among the young people lately. Technologically, the procedure looks like this: on the tongue is placed a special device which has two vertical nozzles on its ends, they are made of plastic and can not harm the tongue. The procedure is very painful and it is made without anesthetics. A few days after the piercing is made, you will have some problems with talking and you will have to wash your mouth a few times a day with some antibacterial mouth water. The wound on your tongue should heal for about 3 days (very quick). The tongue will be very thick during the first few days. That is the reason why you will have to wear a longer jewel in the beginning. During the first 10-15 days, you will have some serious problems with your talking (the diction) and eating. In this period, you must not eat hot, cold, piquant, bitter, sweet, hard food and you must not drink alcohol. There is a risk of fistula on your lower lip. There is also a possibility of infection. Let’s not forget that the mouth is the dirtiest place of the whole body. Normally, after the tongue piercing, people lose weight in the first couple of weeks, because of the decreased amount of food. If you can notice, the tongue has two blood vessels which are arteries. If only one of them gets perforated, a fountain of blood starts to come out of your tongue. That is why the piercing is placed closer to the root of the tongue.

The healing process lasts from four to six weeks. But it is really important to wash your mouth very often during this period. The jewels should be from gold, titanium or at least 85% alloy of precious metals. They should not contain any nickel, because it might cause infections.

You should also know that there is a danger of damaging your teeth. To avoid that, you could wash your mouth more often and remove the jewel for the night. In this way, the risk for your health decreases.


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