Piercing on the nose


For the nose piercing are used very little jewels which look like tiny nails. They are usually made of titanium or gold. The healing process lasts from 2 weeks to 1 month.

In the meantime you should take good care of the perforated place by cleaning it with a standard solution. The most important thing is to protect the place from tearing.

Keloids are the formations of skin tissue around or on the jewel in the form of beads or loops. They form when an infection occurs.

Rejection of the nose piercing might occur only if the jewel is of low quality.

In case of infection, the cause should be immediately determined (for example dirty hands, injuries, etc.) and some antiseptic pads should be put on it. The piercing should be cleaned on the inside and the outside with a solution every morning and evening. The place should be also coated with antiseptic ointment. If the infection can not be healed for 2 or 3 days, the jewel must be removed. Another perforation could be made after the place has fully healed.

What we must not do after we get a nose piercing:

  1. Do not use cheap jewels or jewels of low quality.
  2. Do not remove the jewel before the healing process is over.
  3. Do not move or touch the piercing if you would like to avoid infections.
  4. Do not put products on the piercing that are not antiseptic.
  5. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or herbal tinctures.
  6. Do not get in open waters during the healing process. In case you do – make sure that you clean the piercing with an antiseptic solution after that.





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