Piercing on the bellybutton

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The piercing on the bellybutton is a surgery, not a cosmetic procedure. When you make such a piercing, you cause a trauma to your body and you put your health to risk.

The bellybutton piercing is one of the oldest methods for body decoration. In ancient Egypt, the important people made such piercings on their bodies as a sign of their status. Nowadays, the bellybutton piercing is accessible for everyone.

The jewels for the body piercing have various shapes and sizes. Usually they are 6, 8, 10, 12 mm. The piercing procedure has to be made by a professional. In case you get fed up of your piercing, you could always remove it. In time, the perforated place turns into a little, almost unnoticeable scar.

What kind of material is appropriate for your bellybutton piercing?

There is a primary and secondary bellybutton piercing. At first the jewel should be made of titanium, gold (750), plastic, polytetrafluorethylene or niobium. When the piercing is fully healed, you have the opportunity to wear jewels made of surgical steel, silver, gold (585) and many other materials. Gold and silver of low quality are not recommended because they usually are mixed with some other materials that could cause an allergic reaction. If you have a hard time choosing the appropriate jewel, it is advisable that you ask a specialist.

Taking care of the piercing

The fully healed piercing should be cleaned every time you take a shower. You should remove all the dirt and sweat from it by using cosmetic washing products.

The piercing is a perfect way of expressing your individuality, uniqueness and originality. That is the main reason why it is so popular and wide-spread, especially among young people.



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