People with tattoos are aggressive and hostile

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People who have tattoos are significantly more aggressive than those who have no drawings according to a study of scientists from Britain.

The survey was conducted of specialists from the University of Ruskin and was published in the newspaper The Independent.

A total of 378 people took part in this study, all were aged between 20 and 59 years. It turns out that a bit more than 25 percent of the participants had at least one tattoo on their body.

The scientists discovered that they have much higher levels of anger and verbal aggression, unlike the other participants without tattoos. It turns out even that the more drawings a person has on his body, the more hostile he is set to the world around him.

It is assumed that the reason for these results is that people who are rebels by nature, often react to disappointing for them events by making a tattoo. This indicates the head of the British study – Professor Viren Swami.

Nowadays, the tattoos are not unusual, but the scientists from the University of Ruskin wanted to check whether there is any connection between the tattoos and the human behavior.

A past research of specialists from the UK even found that each year more than one million inhabitants of the country appear to be making at least one tattoo.

The people with tattoos can now choose a new service – a 60 years old tattoo artist proposes to preserve the places of the body on which there are tattoos even after the death of the man.

The piece of skin will be preserved thanks to special chemicals. The man believes that the seemingly unusual idea is actually quite original because each drawing is nonetheless a work of art and deserves to be preserved.

Moreover, in the tattoos it comes to drawings in a very small size, which makes them even more interesting and unique. At this stage, the gentleman has 21 orders for the preservation of tattoos of deceased people.

To take advantage of the unusual service, those who wish have to become part of the organization of the man. The initial subscription is $ 115 and accordingly the fee is $ 60 for each year.


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