Meaning of the tattoo – fire and flame


The tattoos of fire and flame symbolize changes, passion and unusual knowledge. The images of fire and flame are often used in religious rituals and symbols. The smoke that comes from the fire and the flame are considered as a prayer and religious people refer to them.

All the objects or prey which are consumed by the fire, transform into flame, warmness and smoke and at the end they burn into ashes. The disruptive strength and the capability of the fire to destroy everything leads to fear and respect towards it.

The flame could destroy everything if it is not controlled. But if it is, then it could bring warmness and give us light in the dark.






The fire and flame, represented by torches, signal fire, funeral urns and candles symbolize hope, light and knowledge. Fire could be also illustrated as one of the four elements of the Earth (earth, air, fire and water).

In the Hindu, fire is also a sacred element. In Christianity, it is the symbol of the Holy Ghost and it is often used for the description of hell. The flame symbolizes sinfulness and seduction, that is why the Satan is usually drawn in flames.

In the Greek mythology, Prometheus, one of the titans, stole the fire from the gods and gave it to mortals to use it. In this regard, fire symbolizes the transformation of one thing to another by making it very powerful and from the moment that it becomes controllable, it begins to bring great success.


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