Meaning of the Bull as a tattoo

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One of the most popular tattoos we have seen in men is that of a bull. Perhaps lured by the furious appearance or size of the animal people tattoo it on themselves. If you are curious, look below the different meanings that have the tattoos of bulls.





Have you ever seen a herd of enraged bulls? If you have not you need to thank the Lord for it, or at least pray to be a behind the TV. Whether it is in animated or fiction film, the bull brings something ominous and scary, because when it runs towards you it is in direct eye contact with terrifying determination. No wonder that people are tattooing bulls on their bodies to show their aggression.




Another reason why you may have a bull on your body is their enormous power. Their angry roar is compared with the thunders and bulls have often been sacrificed to the sea gods. They are associated with phenomena such as lightning, severe storms, hurricanes and ocean disasters.




The bull is also regarded as a strong protector because of its exceptional physical strength. Since the bull is usually considered the father of the herd, its duty is to protect the flock. The safety and protection are primarily one of the meanings of this tattoo.



The bull is often seen as a symbol of fertility and virility. This fertility is a combination of the power of the sun, the fire and light. In the Hindu beliefs, the god Shiva, the exclusive image of masculinity is always accompanied by a white bull. The bull is a symbol of sexual power and prowess.


Slow and slightly intelligent animals


While all of these meanings of the tattoo of a bull are definitely flattering to the men who wear it, there is and a meaning which is frequently overlooked. Even though it is true that the bull is associated with enormous physical strength and power, it is also true that the mental abilities of the bull are often overshadowed by the strength. When it needs to think logically the bull is much slower compared to other smaller animals.


Other meanings:


  • Immediate destruction
  • Death (black bulls)
  • Short-term memory
  • Perseverance
  • Harmony


The tattoo is something that will stay on you for the rest of your life. And while longing to get a picture on your body, realize that each tattoo has a meaning which combined with good design can be a very nice addition.


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