Marked with a tattoo

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To make a tattoo is a stylish yet responsible gesture to your body. Therefore it must be well thought out. Mysterious and sexy, the tattoo is a mark that remains for life.

You know how is a done tattoo, right? Through very thin needles is inserted colorant into the epidermis (1-2 mm below the skin). The injured area heals, the image remains forever. Learn more about this short procedure with long lasting effects:

Before you make a tattoo
Before taking this important step, carefully choose a tattoo that corresponds to your overall image. This seemingly harmless drawing on your body may create trouble for you. So, avoid places that are continuously exposed on display (face, neck, hands, etc.), because there are companies that are not particularly tolerant to hiring tattooed employees.

Agree also that your new partner will not at all be pleased to daily look at the name of your former friend and it from your own body, which he has already adopted as his own property.

Of great significance is also purely the practical part. Trust only proven specialists in elite tattoo studios. The hygiene must be of an exceptionally high level, because you can get infected with various viruses – hepatitis B or C and even HIV. The needle should be disinfected with an antiseptic solution, the ink fresh and the gloves, which uses the tattoo artist – disposable.

The pain during the making of the tattoo is different and depends on the level of sensitivity of the person. The less hardy put local anesthesia. Of course, the pain depends on the chosen place for tattooing. The first nicks are most troublesome, and then the procedure is tolerated easier.

Do not make a tattoo if you suffer from a heart disease or diabetes, you have a fever or have been drinking alcohol.

The places on your body for making a tattoo
• The most sensitive to pain when making a tattoo are the groin, thighs, belly, ribs and spine.
• Women most often tattoo their waist and hips.
• The tattoos on the chest and abdomen are most susceptible to deformations of the changes of aging.
• The back is perfect for tattooing because it is resistant to the aging processes and provides a large area.

Once you make a the tattoo
Do not remove the protective bandage for at least 4 hours after making the tattoo. Wash the area with soap and warm water. Rinse with cold water and do not wet it any more. Dry the tattooed spot without rubbing with the towel. Anoint the tattoo 3-4 times a day with vitamin A or D, or zinc paste. Wear soft and loose clothes while the place heals completely. Do not expose to the sun, do not go to the sauna and pool, and do not make bath.

The celebrity tattoos
The stars love tattoos. Especially those that are the most dangerous – the name of their lover. Often occur long lists, scattered throughout the body. The controversial Amy Winehouse was insatiable and used to increase steadily the number of her tattoos. Angelina Jolie relies on noble messages and displays the locations where her children were born. Heidi Klum is trivial and to the three stars in honor of her three children, placed a tattoo with the name of her husband Seal. And we like the most the two paws on the chest of Eve.

Removal of a tattoo
If you have not well thought out the choice of the location and the type of the tattoo, you could get to the one much more expensive and painful process that guarantees you a sure scarf – its removal.

Temporary, painless alternative: a tattoo with henna
The ideal temporary alternative (fades away in about 4 weeks) of the permanent tattoo is called “body painting” with henna. The coloring depends on the application technique, the composition of the mixture and the duration of action. Beginners is best to use ready templates, which are drawn on the skin with a special paste of henna. In order the tattoo to be perfect, the skin must be completely clean and not oily. It is advisable to be made an additional peeling, and then again to be cleaned with alcohol.


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