It is winter. Time to make your tattoo

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The winter is the most appropriate season for tattooing, so if in your head are spinning ideas for ink drawings on the skin, act now. Do not make a tattoo: after consuming alcohol; if you have viral infections and fever; if you have diabetes and other blood disorders; if you have cardiac diseases. Choose carefully the studio, at which you will be tattooed. Check out the tattooist. A very important point is the choice of studio, because if the instruments are not sterile you could get skin diseases, viral diseases, hepatitis and others. Therefore do a prior research whether sterile measures are taken, new needles, the type of the paint (must be vegetative), if they use gloves, do they render first aid if by chance you get sick.


Painful areas

Most painfully are applied tattoos on the thighs, abdomen, groin, ribs and spine. To reduce the pain during the procedure are used local anesthetics. Winter is the season! The worst season for tattooing is the summer since the tattoo is a wound and should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. After tattooing, until healed, it is necessary the place to be treated with medicinal products for regeneration of the skin for which the tattoo artist will explain in detail. In the first days a crust is formed, which do not attempt to remove, but let alone with time to fall. Do not soak and wash the place until it recovers and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Why the summer is NOT good for tattooing


The summer season is bad for tattooing. We are dressed in short sleeves and the sun is strong, we sweat and bathe permanently. That, as you might imagine are far from suitable conditions for the maintenance and protection of a brand new tattoo. The sun is not good for the tattoo. Why? Because the sun can be aggressive to the skin. If at the sea you anoint yourselves with factor 30 several times a day, imagine what care you should be taking for the tattooed skin. Keep in mind also that even if you have your tattoo for quite some time, any prolonged sun exposure will make the picture to fade or more precisely – the black ink to get greener.


In the first week the tattoo should not be wet often or abundant, because the wounds are still open and the water literally washes away the ink – slightly and slowly, of course, but still effective. In the summer you will need to wrap nylon around inconvenient places and cover them with tape or adhesive plaster. Our advice is to leave the tattooing for the autumn and winter and next year to show off your new tattoo on the beach.


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