Is the tattoo up-to-date or is it old-fashioned?


Million people from all over the world have tattoos that have become part of their lives. Tattooing is a very old art and we all know that people will never stop tattooing their bodies.

Nowadays, in X XI century, tattooing is still developing as an art. Every day, new tattoo designs and places for tattooing are coming out. Among the unusual places are the loins, tongue, and even the teeth. The new fashion for teeth tattooing has come from London. The traceries, the Chinese hieroglyphs and gothic inscriptions are really famous tattoo designs among young people. One of the most popular tattoo styles nowadays is “Writing” – tattooing different texts. Other famous styles are “Tribal” (tribes’ inscriptions) and “Fantasy” (drawings of heroes from fantasy stories like dragons). Angelina Jolly and Eminem have tattooed their bodies with whole life stories. The football fans usually tattoo the sign of their favorite football clubs or some patron’s messages.

Women these days tattoo their bodies almost as often as men. There is even a whole website with top 101 hot tattoos of famous women. Some of these women are Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Angelina Jolly, Amber Smith, Luci Liu and many others. All of their tattoos could be seen.

Wondering if to make a tattoo and where to make it? There is one rule – the tattoo must have a special meaning for you so that you do not get fed up with it and it should be made on a place where you will not see it all the time. In case you want to remove your tattoo, do not worry. Nowadays the tattoo removal is an easy procedure, although it is a bit expensive.

There is a weakness among the tattoo fans. Once you have made a tattoo on your body, it becomes very likely for you to start wanting to get one more. People from all over the world have this weakness towards tattooing. The truth is that the tattoo is special, it has its meaning and charm. But when you make many tattoos on your body, they become a frippery.




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