How to pick a place for your tattoo?

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Before you choose the place for your tattoo, you should answer some questions:

  1. Would you like it to be seen by everyone or just by selected people?
  2. Would you like to have the opportunity to hide it?
  3. Would you like it to look alive while you are moving?
  4. Are you inclining to tattoo a bigger part of your body in order to make the life of the tattoo more interesting?

These questions are actually very important. The tattoo is not a ring – you can not take it off any time you want and just forget about its existence. It is something that you will wear all the time.


Let’s presume that you would like to have your favorite star right on your forehead. If you are at the age of 10, the other children will be very impressed by your tattoo. But imagine how people would react at your star tattoo when you are at the age of 30. That is just hilarious.

Even if your tattoo is on the perfect place, it might look awful if it is not made by a good specialist. An ugly drawing could destroy the beauty of your tattoo and sometimes even your beauty.

If you decide to tattoo a person’s face on your body, think very carefully about the way it will look while you are moving. And of course, ask for the opinion of that certain person about the tattoo that you have chosen.

It is known that people choose many different places for their tattoos. Why is that? – The answer is very simple – every person has his motive and opinion for making a tattoo.

Women usually pick an area from their body, which could be easily hidden by their hair or clothes. It is important for them to make their body look more beautiful and sexy, but at the same time, they aim to keep their good reputation of decent people. On the other side, men prefer to make their tattoos on places that could be easily shown and seen by others.

Many people tattoo their bodies in order to hide a scar or a defect. But the place is of a big importance. A tattoo might look much better than a scar, even if it is on your face. But do not forget that it is a dangerous procedure and you must consult a doctor before you make any final decisions.

Not every place on the human body is appropriate for a tattoo. It is obvious that your nails, hair and teeth are not the best places for tattooing. Even though some tattoo salons offer tattooing of the teeth…

All these reasons that we listed above, show that you should think twice about the place you would like to tattoo. It is your choice, but do not disregard the risks that each body part hides.


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