How to feel less pain during tattooing

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Some people suffer less, others more, but it is a fact that there is pain. We are sure everyone has wondered what the most painful place is and how to feel less pain and we have selected some helpful tips that will remove most of the pain when getting a new tattoo.

A well-known fact is that when we get tattooed, it will hurt and most people think the only way to reduce the pain is through anesthetics, but that is not entirely true. Of course, there are people with a very low / very high pain threshold, but there are certain techniques that will help you reduce the pain. They will be especially useful for people who have a low or moderate pain threshold and are worried about tattooing, but they want a tattoo. However tough you are, we advise you to observe at least some of the tips listed below when going to get tattooed.

  1. Do not drink alcohol.

Contrary to common understanding, alcohol does not make you go more painlessly during the session. People think that when you get drunk you will be immune to pain, but this tactic works only if you are going to take part in a tavern battle and you do not want to get hurt when hit. But the truth is the opposite – alcohol dilates the blood vessels, thins the blood and accelerates the heart rate. You will bleed more and the ink will not enter easily. Of course, in very small quantities (1 sip for courage) will not be a problem. Using alcohol in larger quantities will only aggravate the situation and create unnecessary difficulties for you and the artist. We can conclude that alcohol leads to more pain in tattooing.


  1. Drink more water.

While we strongly advise you not to drink spirits, we recommend drinking more water. Start drinking more water in the evening before the session and hydrate as much as you can. This procedure will allow your skin to absorb the ink more easily and thanks to the good hydration the session will be shorter and the area will bleed noticeably less.


  1. Have breakfast / lunch before the session.

Make sure you go to the studio with a full stomach because the food will make you tougher as you go through the painful experiences. For the training people and those on a diet – the tattoo day is a free day and you can eat whatever you like, even if it is out of your diet. This day is for having fun and if you want 10 pieces of fried chicken, 2 chocolates, a large pizza or burgers, eat them and do not feel guilty.


  1. Get a good night sleep.

You will need a lot of energy for tattooing, especially for large tattoos. We advise you to sleep well to be able to withstand a longer session. If you are tired you will be frustrated and you will not be able to withstand a few hour session. Believe us, we all want endorphin and adrenaline to help block the pain, and a good sleep is at its core.


  1. Take a break during the session.

When we say relax, we do not mean stopping every 10 minutes but it is good after one hour to pause for at least five minutes. The breaks are rechargeable for you and for the artist. Do not let the break to last more than 5-8 minutes, because you risk your body to wean the process of tattooing (your adrenaline levels fall) and it will start to hurt you more.


  1. Do something else and ignore the pain.

One of the best ways to ignore the pain is to be distracted by something. Do not focus on the pain. Play a game on your phone or chat with someone. For those who know how – meditate, concentrate on your breathing, stay calm and ignore the pain during the session.


  1. Talk.

Discuss interesting topics, conversations make time fly. If the artist is talkative, talk to him, if not, take someone with you to the studio. That really helps. On one hand, you’re talking, and on the other, the ego will not let you mumble, yet no one wants to feel embarrassed in front of his friends.

These are the key facts for reducing the tattoo pain. In general, the pain is not as great as most people imagine. Some feel less pain, others more. We like to compare it with that of the epilator – the epilator HURTS MUCH MORE!


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