How to choose the best tattooist and the best salon for your permanent makeup?

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A professional of the permanent makeup is called a person who could put into practice his skills and perform an admirable work by making your makeup look not artificial, but perfectly natural. The quality of work does not depend only on the equipment that he uses. Of big importance are also the skills and experience that the artist has. Of course, he needs to treat his clients good and use instruments and paints of high quality. While you are searching for a salon, you should choose it very carefully.





Image:©Katarzyna Leszczynsk/ Fotolia





The experienced artist should take into consideration all of your individual features. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the professional and qualitative equipment is one of the main factors whether your makeup will be nicely done or not. Second, the skills of your artist should be very good in order for you to get the appropriate makeup. If the tattoo artist has experience and knows what he is doing, he will give you the right advices for your permanent makeup – the best colors for your face for example. There are hundreds of color tones, but you should know that you can not choose them by yourself. You should be aware of the fact that the procedure in the good salons is very expensive, but it is worth it, if you would like to get symmetrical, nicely done natural makeup. It is very important that your makeup is done with sterilized disposable instruments (gloves, needles). The artist should have a certificate for his job. It is recommended that you speak with some clients of the salon before you put yourself to the procedure. A good specialist should also tell you all about the procedure – its duration, the stages of the manipulation and so on. He should ask you about the diseases that you have, like diabetes and about your blood coagulation. It is necessary that a contract is signed before the procedure. It is a document that gives you the right to fix your makeup in the same salon for free in case you are not contented with it. There are also some other clauses in it, which are also important.


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