How does the permanent makeup look like?

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The permanent makeup makes you feel confident that you always look good. The procedure for making a permanent makeup is injecting paint (pigment) under the skin in about 0,3–0,8 mm depth. This procedure gives you the opportunity to change your appearance the way you want to. You might decide what to change on your own, but it is advisable that you consult with a specialist. Everyone wants to look amazing, but not everyone is willing to sacrifice himself for beauty.

The permanent makeup is a kind of interference in the human body, but it is not that substantial. It is more of a superficial intervention. If the procedure is made by specialists with medical education, who know exactly what to do to avoid unwanted reactions, it is almost impossible for problems to occur. In that case your health shall remain unharmed. The only unpleasant things that you could feel during the procedure are burning or pricking, but they can be easily eliminated with some anesthetics.

With wearing permanent makeup, you could forget about waterproof cosmetics. You will always look perfect, even when you are under the shower, in a pool, river, sea and so on.

The permanent makeup has come from the tattoo, but the technique of cosmetic tattooing is much different from the technique of the classic tattooing. The main difference is that it is much more harmless. That is because of the special equipment that is used for the permanent makeup. The paints for that makeup are of really high quality and they are innocuous.

Right after the cosmetic tattooing, your skin might get a little red and swollen (especially if you had made permanent makeup on your lips). But that is a normal reaction. At first on the tattooed place will appear a thin crust, but it will be gone in 2-3 days. You should use recovering medicines and you must not expose your cosmetic tattoo to sunlight. You also should not use any cosmetics.

Your skin will fully heal in 28 days and that is when you will get the makeup color that you want. Meanwhile you should consult with your tattoo specialist if any further procedures are necessary.

The permanent makeup lasts from a year and a half up to three years. After that it starts blurring. The cosmetic tattooing could be done in every 18 months, but not less.

The permanent makeup on the eyebrows is made by shaping them with tweezers and drawing them with a pencil until the wanted shape is done. The client picks up the color that he wants by knowing that it will fade with 2-3 tones. After the procedure is done the client should use an ointment for about 20 days – 5 or 6 times a day. If he does not use it, on the skin might appear a rash or the color of the tattoo might fade prematurely. Every client is given the time and the opportunity to pick the most appropriate color for his eyebrows. The tattooing procedure lasts about an hour or an hour and a half.

In order to make a cosmetic tattoo on your lips, you should first pick the color that you want. Then the specialist will draw your lips with a pencil to help you picture the final result. Then an anesthetic is injected in your lips. You should take the same care for your lips tattoo, as for your eyebrows tattoo. You should avoid kissing and oral sex. And you should not smoke much.

Getting permanent eyeliner on your eyes is the most painful procedure of all three. It could be made on the upper or lower eyelids of the client.


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