How does a tattoo describe its owner?

Image:©Cyril Comtat/ Fotolia

In the past a tattoo could tell a lot about its owner. So it is and today. Fears, passion, way of life, way of thinking – all these could be expressed by the tattoo you have. Even if you had been drunk when you have tattooed your body, the tattoo still expresses your personality. Mostly brave people, who want to stand out in the crowd tattoo themselves. They aim to show the world that they are different and unique.

People who are attracted to goblins, dragons, fairies or other mystic symbols usually are into the fantasy style. These people have wide imagination and they usually live in another world far away from reality. You could find out that a person was once a warrior just by seeing his tattoo. Sometimes warrior’s tattoos show the place where the warrior was on duty, the time of his duty and some other details. Such details might be for example: letters, numbers or sometimes even a whole composition. On some people’s bodies might be seen faces of celebrities or copies of their tattoos. People who limn such tattoos on their bodies usually are huge fans of a particular person. They are likely to have an inclination towards fanaticism.

Almost every image that people tattoo on their bodies has a symbolic meaning. But nowadays most of the people choose a tattoo only by its look. They perceive the tattoo only as a decoration. That is the reason why those people’s character can not be described by their tattoos. In today’s society the symbolic meaning of the tattoos is being constantly ignored.

How does a tattoo describe its owner? – Most of the time it does not. That is because of the fact that people care more about the look of the tattoo than its meaning. So a tattoo can not guarantee that a particular person is aggressive, because he has a tiger tattoo for example. Or that this person is kind, because he has a dolphin tattoo. You could find information on the Internet about the meaning of every tattoo. But if you are interested in the personality of a person who has a tattoo, I would advise you to get to know him first and then you could search for meanings.

They say: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.




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